I'm an experienced and skilled designer. User-Centered Design principles and the newest trends aren't strange to me.


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This is how the process of my work looks like.

Let's get started.

At the very beginning, I'd like to ask you a few questions. What kind of a project are we doing? Who will be using the application and for what reason?  What operating system will be required to launch your project? What does the product must include?

The BIG planning.

After the research for our project, I accede to the planning of the main features of the application. I consider about which way will be the best for the user to interact with a product. This step is also include the process of designing user journey, user flow, and first wireframes.


Next step is the consultation about the construction of an application and if it is approved I approach to designing full-detailed mockup and prototyping it.


When a prototype of the product is done, it requires accurate testing. When a prototype of the product is done, it requires accurate testing. The application is tested on target users. A/B tests and usability tests are very important to find a problem or improve the product.

The improvement.

If during testing any problem or better solution has been found, I'm obligated to go backward for two steps and improve the structure of an application.

The final result.

If results are satisfying and everything is perfected, it means we achieved the goal.

Here you can see the result of my work.

I designed an application for the brand shop.
Scroll down to see a whole case study or click below to open the live prototype made in InVisionApp.


The main aim of this application is to ease shopping for the target group. This app was made for those who don't really have time for shopping in malls and are more eager to shop online for example from their own home.

The task

Create a mobile application for franchise brand stores. The app requires a straight and clear design and also it should be leading to a quick purchase.


  • the architecture of information's flow must be simple.
  • the mobile application should include commonly known interaction design.
  • the layout should suggest the high quality of products and doesn't pay attention to the price of a product.
  • the application should be conducive to quick searching for the potential product by the customer.


  • there is a lot of mobile application on the market.
  • people are more keen to buy clothes online via web browser than the mobile app.
  • the reason why somebody would download the app on a phone is a discount on products.

My goal of experience design

My main goal in the design of experience was to make the process of searching not arduous. The main reason why I gave the high priority to this goal is the fact, that most people don't know what they are going to buy. The high priority had also the buying process. It had to be simple and intuitive. The third goal was to made it easy to use for the age group from 12 to 55 years old.

User journey

  1. Opens the application
  2. Login or registration
  3. Finds the product
  4. Chooses the size of the product
  5. Goes to the checkout
  6. Closes the application

User Flow

  1. Splash/loading screen
  2. Chooses a category and filters to search the product
  3. Chooses the product
  4. Adds to the cart and chooses the size
  5. Goes to the checkout
  6. Approves the chosen products
  7. Fillis the shipping form
  8. Chooses the payment method
  9. Approves everything
  10. Id number of shipping appears


I decided to stay with a basic layout. Contrasted colors and well-known typography. The purpose of this operation was to give the feeling of familiarity to the client.

Here you can check this out how it works.

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